NMDG, now part of Nantional Intruments

Market and technology:

Test and measurement systems for High frequency electronics and appliances. (GSM’s, Wi-Fi, radar, semiconductor etc… )

Key responsibilities:

Business planning and development, financials supervision, board member and management.

NMDG engineering www.nmdg.be started as a research group at the University of Brussels financed by Agilent, now Keysight Technologies www.keysight.com and was later incorporated as one of their departments. In 2003 Agilent stopped the activities and Marc Vanden Bossche spun them of in a separated company. In 2005 he involved Erik as Business Development Director with as main responsibilities:
  - Develop and implement the company strategy.
  - Develop and implement the business plan.
  - Contact, negotiate and involve investors, venture capital, for further growth.
  - Business development, consulting and supervision of financials.
As a result, 1.2 Million Euro’s was injected in the company. Since 2007 Erik is involved as board member and consultant. End of 2012 the activities were sold to National instruments (www.ni.com).

Toshiba TEC Europe

Toshiba TEC is the European headquarters from Toshiba for all activities relating to point of sale, retail information systems.

Technology and market;

retail information systems RIS, software

Period 1: Key responsibility;

Interim management, Business plan and strategy for a pan European software strategy.

The project, lasting 6 months, was a business analysis and plan for the retail point of sale back-office software Toshiba TEC was developing in the responsible European division. The goal was to implement a plan where the subsidiaries, distributors, all over Europe would switch from the locally provided solutions to the Toshiba TEC solution. The assignment included a study of the existing market situation and a plan to re-orient towards a pan-European Toshiba provided package.

Period 2: Key responsibilities:

Interim management, establish a European procurement strategy and partnerships with suppliers.

Two years after the first project, Budetec was crontracted for a second 6 months term. The task was to move towards pan-European procurement for peripheral, non-Toshiba, equipment supplied to customers as part of complete POS solution.

Advionics ( ex. EADS, Airbus) Oostkamp


Market and technology:

Aerospace en defense, production of HF / RF radio, radar en satellite communication equipment.

Key responsibilities:

Business Development, sales and commercial strategy.

Advionics in Oostkamp was a subsidiary, production plant, of Cassidian, a division of Airbus/EADS. Until 2013 the plant only produced for Cassidian and had a passive business development model. Orders came from, or projects were delegated by, its headquarters in Germany. Turnover was generated only by internal productions for Cassidian and/or Airbus / EADS. Changes in the defense market and reduction in military spending generated a need for new business and customers. Hence the plant in Oostkamp opened its know-how and infrastructure for third parties. This required a new and more active business development and sales strategy, my role is its planning, initiation and roll-out. I am involved at director level.



Market and technology:

Test and measurement systems for materials science in Nano technology, main customers, research and development in industry and academic, in sectors such as semiconductor, medical et... .

Key responsibilities:

Business development, sales and management.

Nanovea started its activities in 2006. They were a new player in the market of Nano- and micro hardness and scratch testing with applications in material investigation for various industries such as semiconductor, medical appliances, automotive, etc... . Erik initiated the European business development and sales activities. Main responsibilities and results were:
      - Introduction of the Nanovea products on the European market. (Nanovea has strong European competition from long established German and Swiss manufacturers)
      - Direct customer contacts and sales in Benelux, Scandinavia and Germany.
      - Establish partnerships with distributers in East and South Europe.

UZ-VUB University Hospital, Brussels.

www.UZ VUB tech transfer.com

Market and technology:

Hospital management, health care, software platform.

Key responsibilities:

business development, sales.

The information technology department from the Hospital has developed a flexible and powerful software platform and environment supporting the admiration of the hospital and health care processes. There was a big interest from other hospitals to implement it in their organizations. My assignment was the investigation of a potential spin-off and valorization, commercialization towards third parties. I was involved in the commercial discussions. The result was a first contract in the order of magnitude, 3.000.000 Euros.



Market and technology:


Key responsibilities:

Coaching, business development, business planning, valorization and- feasibility studies.

Innotek is a local organization supporting small businesses in business development. One of the programs they are running is spin-off and valorization of non-core activities within SME’s. In this context Erik was working as a spin-of coach assisting entrepreneurs setting up new ventures.
An exmaple case www.intrapreneurship-werkt.be/euview



Market and technology:

Research, environmental technology.

Key responsibilities:

Business development, market potential, feasibility studyes.

On a regular basis BudetecI was contracted by Vito to assist research group with valorization and potential spin-offs or licensing agreements for developed technologies.

Millabs, UMC, Univertity Medecal Center.


Market and technology:

Pre-clinical and medical imaging, CT, PET and SPECT imaging.

Key responsibilities:

Star-up coaching, business development.

At the University Hospital in Utrecht the group around Prof. Freek Beekman developed innovative methods for clinical and pre-clinical nuclear imaging. They developed a novel SPET/PET imaging system. I was involved during the initial stages of valorization in a spin-off company. My responsibilities were:
  - Input at and assistance for the business plan.
  - Assistance in the negotiation with the University administration.
  - Assistance with the business development of the new spin-off.
The company Milabs is now a successful player in the pre-clinical imaging system’s market. I still maintain contacts with Freek Beekman, the CEO of Milabs.


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